Swell Parish

Serving the people of Lower, Nether and Upper Swell

Swell Parish Council strives to make the parish an enjoyable place in which to live and work. It is hoped that in time this website will contribute towards this aim by making it easy to access information about what is happening in the parish. Use the search facility or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If it is not there please get in touch with the clerk with any suggestion to make it better.


The temporary road closures and other measures enable necessary highway repairs which Swell parish council has been pressing Glos. Highways to carry out for many months now.

Any inconvenience caused to motorists is regretted. However the repairs will bring recognisable improvements and Swell parish council hopes that the few days of detours can be accommodated by local motorists.

As you will see from the attached notice from Glos. Highways the repair to Donnington Bridge, following a routine inspection, having been started it quickly became obvious to those involved that the structure was in a very poor condition such that an extensive rebuild is required.